Growing Marketplace for Graduate Lawyers

The growing online marketplace has opened up an entirely new field of law practice in recent years- one which the younger generations of newly qualified lawyers are uniquely suited to deal with. The recent national outcry over SOPA and PIPA … Continue reading

NALP and Wine

When I was asked to compare the training which the average lawyer receives with the training the average winemaker recieves, the difference was stark indeed.  I have two sons, one of which holds each job title.  One of my sons … Continue reading

Sole Proprietorship or LLC?

When I first started to make money online years ago, it was mainly just a hobby. Like many others I wanted to see if I could do it and what the potential was. My job was going downhill and I … Continue reading

The Lawyer Surplus

There used to be two professions that always garnered respect and admiration: medical professionals and lawyers. Granted, there is a subset of people who say that lawyers are nothing more than glorified ambulance chasers, however when someone tells you that … Continue reading