Dec 16

Professionals Need to Keep an Eye on Savings

Being a legal professional doesn’t exempt you from the need to create savings that will get you through difficult times and retirement.  Using an interest calculator is a great way to do so.

Interest calculator is a tool that is used to compute the charge attached to a borrowed asset. When you borrow money or an equipment, the lender will include a fixed amount or rate that must be accompanied with the asset. The essence of this is to make profit from the deal and also prevent losses from inflation. Interest calculators are used for computing all kinds of interests that arise from daily business transactions.


There are several transactions that cause the payment and receipt of interest. In either case, it is necessary to know how much you owe or how much you are expected to earn so that you can make accurate budgets. For instance, if you save some money in the bank at a fixed interest rate, you will be able to predict your total earnings after some time.

The bank pays interest on deposited funds because they also use it for business. When you accumulate such funds without withdrawing at any time, the interests are compounded. Compounding your interests means receiving interest on the interests that are added to the principal. Compound interest is the accumulation of simple interests and calculating it can be quite difficult especially when compounding for several years. Hence, the need for a compound interest calculator some of the best which you can find online.  If you’re unable to access the sites, it may be because of the region locking many of the financial institutions implement on their web sites.  You can bypass these by changing your IP address, like this one demonstrated in this article – Netflix blocking proxies.

The calculator can calculate your compound interests within minutes. Just input the variables and click the “calculate” button to get your result. It saves time and makes you know your account statement with ease. The variables to input include the principal, the interest rate, the number of years for the investment or transaction to mature and the number of times the compounding is done per year. The principal is the amount of money that is loaned or borrowed while the interest rate is expressed in percentage per year.

Compounding interest makes money grow at a fast rate.  The use of interest calculator  will help you make accurate calculations and prevent you from making losses whether you are borrowing or lending. Interest calculators are of various brands so it is important to test anyone you want to buy with simple variables.

Nov 27

The Confidence To Fight

Having the confidence to fight in court is important, there are several factors that will make this easier from being well prepared and researched and also down to how you look.

Making sure you have researched as much information about the case before stepping into court is important because you don’t want to be left confused or unaware of certain situations that may arise. Seeking good representation will be very important but one factor often overlooked can be something as simple as appearance.

Making sure you are well turned out will have a better impression on people in the court but looking a bit deeper can also be interesting. Such imperfections as moles or excess hair can cause people to feel awkward about themselves so taking measures to make sure they feel better about themselves and fully confident can help. Click here for more info.

Confidence is very important in court and anyone that goes in not feeling 100% can give off negative vibes and jeapordise the case so whatever measure you can take to ensure maximum confidence should be taken. These steps can also help you in day to day life become happier in yourself and make you more confident.

Whatever steps you do take make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons and you will automatically feel better about yourself. Confidence is key to acheiving goals in life and that is why so many seminars and self help gurus are so succesful and sports psychology is an important part of most competitive teams today.

Nov 26

Wine Shipping Creates Problems

This is the time of year.  Grey Thursday (what the heck is that, by the way?) Black Friday! Small Business Saturday! Cyber Monday!

I give it about 2 years before someone comes up with something for Sunday!  In any case, if you’re shopping for wine this year and want to send wine from your favorite winery to a friend in Texas, Pennsylvania or about 20 other states, find a good attorney.  Anyone sending unique wine gifts can tell you one simple fact, wine shipping laws are arcane and antiquated.

It sucks to ship wine.

In any case, part of the problem is that unlike beer, which is dominated by a few huge companies that we have all heard of, wine is dominated by thousands of small wineries which couldn’t come close to making enough wine to satisfy the demand for their products.  Weird huh?

Nov 16

Importance of researching road laws

Road trips are exhilarating and popular for many reasons, for one they allow you to explore foreign countries and visit many different regions and culture in a relatively short space of time. However many people forget to complete one major task before setting off, arguably the most important thing to do before embarking on your journey, and that is to familiarise themselves  with the motoring laws of the countries that they are visiting. Rules that may seem bizarre to us still need to be observed.


For example, in Estonia it is a legal requirement to carry two wheel chocks at all times to be used when your car is stationary to stop free rolling. Similarly, a new law has been passed in France that prohibits drivers from using the speed camera alert on their satellite navigation systems. These rules may appear somewhat strange to us, but the last thing that you want to do is get a fine, or worse, for failing to adhere them.

Travel writers often document their journeys for others to read about and share their experiences, and I can guarantee that many of these writers have become victims of weird road laws because they simply did not research the destination before they left.

Nov 06

Stand By Lawyers – Election Results

There are a host of lawyers all standing by, just in case the election ends in some sort of legal challenge.  Many are predicting their own particular favorite nightmare scenario, however consider this one – Florida or Ohio simply too close to be called – and thousands of provisional or absent ballot papers not yet processed.

There is a definition here that is useful – the ’margin of litigation’ regarding all these outstanding votes.  Simply stated it means that the difference between Obama and Romney, must be much less than the outstanding votes.  Obviously the State concerned is also crucial.

Any of the real crucial, pivotal states would be a problem.  Whatever happens there is no doubt that lawyers and official are ready for events like this.  You don’t run campaigns with these sort of costs without having a shed load of lawyers at the ready.  The last big legal battle over the presidency was the Bush versus Gore battle which was ultimately decided in the US Supreme court.

To back these lawyers up, both campaigns are keeping their own eye on the incidents and counts taking place.  Obama’s guys have a computerised system which tracks these events.  Producing reports and the ability to inform key campaign officials quickly.  Romney’s teams also have an advanced incident response unit, this is based on specially designed smartphone apps which allow people to report any voting issue wherever they may occur.  These may even use VPns and proxies much like the one’s described here which show how a VPN on Ipad works.

This technology allows them to keep track on all sorts of voters, even those who are currently abroad and voted by post or proxy.  It demonstrates how global the world is when you can sit in a bar on the Costa Del Sol, watching BBC iplayer in Spain whilst voting in the US elections!

Almost everyone agrees that if litigation does happen it is likely to be focussed on either Florida or Ohio.  The reasons will probably be due to absentee or provisional votes those which are verified after the election is closed.

Oct 29

Law, Property and Thailand

When you are young you often assume that the law is applied equally and without prejudice. It is only as experience catches up that you begin to understand that the law is only a set of codes that of themselves sound impressive but are useless and meaningless if they are not enforced.

Corruption is illegal in any country. So is bribing a public official, or not paying your taxes. However, if the police don’t uphold the law then it might as well not be on the books. If they simply don’t spot the infractions or willfully look the other way the law means nothing.

Indeed it is is often the case that the law is deliberately only selectively applied. It has political advantages. As for example in Thailand. Thai law states that foreigners cannot own land. Yet Tesco have several shops in Thailand. Many foreigners own land in Thailand. It is done by using ways to circumvent the law devised by lawyers.

The ambiguous situation benefits lawyers. At the same time the politicians can please both foreign investors while appealing to nationalist sentiments that Thailand is for the Thais.

As we represent lawyers we don’t advocate such a situation: it is fluid and unpredictable. If you want to stay in a luxury villa in Koh Phangan or elsewhere in Thailand don’t be persuaded by developers or local lawyers that the best way to fulfill your dreams is to buy a piece of land or a villa. Such risks are for the wealthy who can afford to never realize their assets. Better to simply pay for a few nights in a luxury villa such as Sunrise Villa ( Let other people take these risks. Don’t support lawyers who are colluding in obfuscating the law. They are giving a noble profession a bad name.

The law should be fair and equally applied.

Oct 21

Legislative Approach to Battling the Obesity Epidemic

Recently across the United States there has been a wave of legislative propositions to battle the American obesity epidemic.  These measures range from regulating the size of sugary drinks to mandating full nutritional disclosure at fast food restaurants.  The laws largely use the BMI formula to cite the growing American wasteline. Some opponents of the law challenge the logic behind using the body mass index to measure obesity.

Body Mass Index or more popularly known by its abbreviation BMI, is a calculated number based on a person’s weight and his or her height which provides as an indicator regarding the fatness of one’s body which is useful in determining an individuals’ risk level when it come to certain health problems. One thing to remember when it comes to Body Mass Index is that it is a not an indicator when it comes to overall fat percentage.  BMI has been recognized and used by the World Health Organization as a method in recording the statistics for obesity statistics. Calculating for BMI is relatively easy as well and does not require any complicated or expensive equipment.

safe vpn

The formula for BMI is defined as mass in terms of Kilograms divided by the square in meters of an individual’s height. Another easy method to indentify one’s BMI number is through the use of BMI charts with standardized weight levels over height. The normal BMI level that can be regarded as healthy or normal according to the World Health Organization is between the numbers 18.5 to 25. Having a BMI below 19 is indicative that an individual is underweight while a BMI number of above 25 is indicative that an individual might be overweight. Above 30 or 35 in some charts are indicative that an individual is obese or morbidly obese. An individual who is either under or over the “healthy” BMI level is said to have an increased risk in certain diseases and conditions particularly lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular disorders and Diabetes Mellitus.

Even though the World Health Organization have given BMI values, there are many variations when it comes to BMI. In countries like Japan, Singapore and the United States, the BMI values vary to a degree. In 1998, the United States revised their BMI calculations and geared it in line with the standard WHO has set. The healthy cut-off limit was set to a BMI of 27.8 and was revised to BMI 25. This considerably led to millions of people falling into the category of underweight when the new standard was implemented. In Japan, the normal cut-off is set at 22.9 as opposed to the 25 set by the World Health Organization.

There are many major limitations when it comes to using BMI For one, the calculations require the overall weight and height of an individual to determine his or her risk level when it comes to certain diseases and if he or she is under the normal level. It does not however pinpoint or provide information when it comes to the distribution of lean mass and fatty tissues. Furthermore among athletes, BMI also proves inaccurate as muscle mass tends to put them above the normal level even though their fat percentage is low. BMI also does not account for an individual’s frame size. Aside from that, different races with their relative average height and body frame also tend to require different cut-off levels.

BMI values for the elderly as well as for children also follow a different formula. Factors like bone density, muscle mass, height and even body frame can all affect one’s standing in the BMI scale. Even though Body Mass Index calculations have limitations it can provide the general population an idea regarding the likelihood or risk level they have with certain health problems and when it is time to mind one’s health.


Oct 19

Laws and Wine Shipping

I’m a member of what the wine media (think of the major wine critics such as Robert Parker and wine magazine’s such as Wine Spectator) consider to be among the top wine clubs around in the United States.

My frustration started to bubble over when I realized that they can’t ship to my family in Pennsylvania.

The reaction of the federal government and some specific states in the years after Prohibition makes sense, controlling alcohol was seen as a legit way to control organized crime.  Is that really the same any more?

Why do states continue to allow gun shipments without permits and without adult signatures while controlling alcohol like it is still 1925?

Oct 05

FDA Close Internet Pharmacies

It’s called Operation Pangea V and it’s aim is to help protect individuals from one of the scourges of the internt – unlicensed internet pharmacies.  Over 4000 of the internet based phramacies have been closed down this week alone and more than 18000 during the course of the the Operation.

The announcement coincided with the 5th International Week of Action – which has aimed to close down the sale and distribution of fake and couterfeit phramacy products.   This has involved over a hundred countries working together to identify both the illegal producers and their distributors.

It might be surprising to some of us that anyone would buy such drugs online, however many are duped into buying by slick web sites, believeable documentation and of course cheaper prices.  There’s no doubt though that taking any drugs bought via the internet without the assistance of a qualified medical practitioner is very dangerous indeed.

Some of the drugs identified during this Operation are not even cleared for use in the US and most other countries.  Even for drugs like Viagra you have know way of knowing if the medicine is even genuine, often counterfeit substances are susbstituted.

The FDA have demonstrated that it is possible to take action against web sites wherever they are hosted.  The remarkable success of this operation will hopefully deter similar sites being created.  One of the biggest partners in Operation Pangea was INTERPOL, the international police agency who enable criminals to be pursued across country borders.

There are a host of resources you can use to see if a pharmacy is unlicensed, one of the best is on the FDA site – here.  This is primarily a US based resource if you have any trouble accessing these due to geotargeting restrictions you can try this USA proxy service to get access by changing your IP address to an American one – here’s the link.  At the time of writing this was not necessary though.

Oct 02

Necessary IT training for Lawyers

In 21st century law and society has changed as everything tends to become more digital. Today lawyers are required to have not only an expertise and immaculate knowledge of Law and Acts, but also good computer knowledge and specific software knowledge. It might be very hard to organize all the paperwork, case pictures etc.

coding-uk proxies

Everything tends to come more technical, for example, nowadays every case needs to be documented electronically as well as typed in black and white. Such programs as Adobe Acrobat reader would be beneficial to a cutting-edge Lawyer. To be one step ahead of others a professional lawyer should have a knowledge in various software systems e.g. training in Microsoft office suite, Adobe Design or Web suite etc. Lawyers are required to have essential training in IT to be competitive at market and increase their potential during court procedures as well as for their research.

Many companies offer IT training nowadays, but only some offer you a full tailored package as specific as you are. Elite Training and Consultancy company is one of the leading firms on today’s marked. With and edge-cutting experts and their in-depth knowledge combined with years of experience – Elite IT consultants are one of the top in their field. Lawyers would find it very beneficial to train on end user courses in Adobe programs whether it is Adobe Design package with Photoshop or Adobe Web suite with Flash and Dreamweaver training.

Adobe Design suite includes training in: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and Photoshop Elements.
Adobe Web suite training  includes Adobe Coldfusion MX, Dreamweaver, Flash CS3 and CS5, Adobe Flex and Adobe Fireworks.
There are various courses available for one-to-one training as well as group sessions and practice in using things like this online video editor free – all tailored for your specific needs. More information about Elite Training and Consultancy in Adobe available here:

Sep 17

Lawyers Doing Stupid Things in Wine

We’ve talked a ton about wine shipping laws here and it made me think of the one industry which is being injured almost as much as the wine industry when it comes to shipping concerns on a state by state basis.  That’s the wine gift basket industry.

Anyway, the gift basket industry is usually harmed by shipping laws in two ways.  First gift baskets, especially wine gift baskets typically have both wine as well as food inside of them.  Unlike other products, these wine gift baskets can be stopped because of either product.

Secondly and more importantly for many people, shipping companies like Fedex and UPS simply charge a ton for delivery right now.  Yes, it is partially because of the rising cost of gas and energy in general, but the signatures often required for wine and some food adds a significant expense to the average gift basket cost.

Sep 16

QE and the Race for the Presidency

There are about twelve million Americans currently without a job, but many people think this figure is a huge underestimation.  Many people who have been searching for work for some time have just given up.  These are not always listed in the figures for unemployment that the US use.

There are many issues involved in the Presidential Race of course, but jobs is probably the most important to most people. For the Americans it is essential and this is reflected as one of the Centrals Banks main aims – maximum employment.


The Federal Reserve doesn’t think things will improve either unless action is taken.  They are concerned that the actual and predicted economic growth will not make much of an impact in reducing the unemployment level.  So they have decided to launch QE3, the third round of Quantative Easing to help boost the economy.

The idea is to keep the interest rates low and create an environment that is condusive to growth and a sustained improvement in the labor market.   The Conservatives are of course not pleased about this, even suggesting that the federal Reserves act amounts to treason.  Their argument is that instead of printing more money (which is effectively what QE amounts to – the American economy should be creating wealth.  The artificial and temporary injections will not solve the long term growth problem that exist.

It is an issue that effects virtually every American family in some way.  There is hope that the US which is famed for their entrepreneurial spirit will find ways to promote more growth and new opportunities.  The internet is becoming more and more important to the economy with many people running internet businesses like this Irish one here which create wealth and opportunity in the economy.

Further Information


Sep 13

The Law And Society – Getting Aware Of These

The law, society and lifestyle hardly ever seem to believe the truth on right or moral conclusions. The law is strongly centered in a set of published guidelines that it wants to imagine are definitely Drejebænke. This lifestyle is never stand still and modifying, but the law does not seem to modify to fit it, as it should. Society prefers to determine the “norms” and is not willing to vary from its own direction for the enhancement of the relax of the inhabitants. Conditions such as “that’s just not done,” and “I don’t want to get engaged,” seem to concept this country’s way of lifestyle. Lately, many concerns have been coming up as to an individuals moral liability to others. Are you fairly required to review a lawful activity you witness? Are you fairly required to review individual misuse if you observe it? Are you fairly required to make an effort to intercede, even when placing yourself at risk? What should your penalties be, if any, when you do not include yourself in such circumstances or review these things? Should you be regarded an equipment after the truth, and get the same penalties as the real lawful, or is moral censorship of your colleagues an adequate punishment?

What is most distressing about these concerns is that our lifestyle, Drejebænke and our community, is apparently depending on moral liability and the capability to identify right and incorrect. So, exactly where is the debate? What ever occurred to being a champ for the helpless and “doing the right thing?” If our community has decreased so low that these principles will recognized or used, what does this say about the legislation and the individual situation in modern society? There should definitely be penalties in position for those who fall short to do the right factor. However, the penalties should fit the lawful activity and when you did not actually make a lawful activity yourself, censorship by the community and the legislation must be applied in some style. Just as placing risky thieves behind cafes is a class to the community at huge about what can occur when you crack certain guidelines, the penalties for failing to act on your moral liability should have repercussions appropriate to that failing.

The law, in most situations, is not beneficial with these challenges. It is consists of guidelines and Drejebænkethat allow absurd details to set aggressive thieves no cost, and in the same breathing use conditions to condemn someone without overall evidence that they are accountable of anything. If you fulfill the requirements of an accessory; it does not issue whether you actually dedicated a lawful act or not, you will still be handled the same as the lawful. There should be a position where a range is attracted and solving these problems becomes entirely different issue from the way it is managed these days. What do these mannerism say about our lawful system? Change is needed, it should be required. Society must be accountable for challenging these changes. It is a right and your liability as a resident.

Sep 09

How Lawyers Can Change the Tax System

The tax system in the United States is complicated.  Like it, love it, or hate it, it’s written by and for lawyers.  Take a look at how the average worker’s paycheck is calculated to see how complicated it can be.  It has become necessary for people to use complex calculators just to determine their tax liability or even how much money they’ll make.

The paycheck calculator is a very handy tool for both employees and employers. It provides an excellent and accurate resource for calculating federal, state, and other tax withholdings. Individuals who live from paycheck to paycheck or who have a tight budget may find paycheck calculators useful and necessary.

Paycheck calculators are perfect for financial institutions and for small and large size businesses. The calculator does a lot of deductions that are normally found on employee paychecks.  Deductions such as allowances, pay frequencies, federal filling status, annual gross pay, annual federal taxes, FICA Medicare, annual state taxes, and additional withholdings and total withholdings can be easily calculated.

Companies with employees and other entities located in various states needs a calculator for each state. Some states are required to pay certain state and federal taxes and other states are exempt. In order to stay in state and federal compliance it is necessary to deduct the proper amount of taxes. There is a process to how withholdings are calculated. The amount of taxes withheld is determined by the amount of income that is actually taxable. The paycheck calculator can also be used to deduct other withholdings as well. Some deductions are voluntary and some are not.

For instance, federal income taxes are legal withholdings that must be deducted from each employee paycheck unless there is an exemption clause in place. Both businesses and individuals are mandated by law to have these taxes withheld from each paycheck.  Certain taxes from stock sales, dividends and unearned contributions are also taxable under certain laws. Payroll taxes are enforced in all 50 states and these taxes are Medicare and taxes social security. There are a set percentage of these taxes that are deducted from each paycheck. It is usually 8% of all gross earnings even though these tax amounts vary from state to state.

Wage levies or wage garnishments are considered involuntary withholdings. Court orders stipulating deductions for unpaid bills, child support payments, and bankruptcy claims are part of the involuntary paycheck deductions. The calculator makes deducting these amounts quick and simple.  If you’re outside the country you may have difficulty using some of these tools, because of region locking.  However using the same kind of VPN that people use to bypass these and watch things like BBC iPlayer in Canada like this, can work just as well – remember though they are only valid for US workers.

Voluntary deductions include set amounts the employee chooses to withhold for various reasons. For example, many employees have a small percentage of their paycheck withheld and deposited into a saving or checking account. Other withholdings includes IRA funding, vacation accounts, medical insurance payments and union dues. This is only a small list of deductions that individuals may or may be not subject to.

What makes the paycheck calculator easy to use is the internet. Many websites offer the calculator as an interactive tool that many businesses use to manage their income. The calculator helps businesses to determine the exact amount of income that should be deducted from each paycheck. Employers, employees or financial consultants can download a calculator and use it for all of their financial transactions.

It is a great tool to use to determine if the right amount of taxes is being withheld. Sometimes employers make mistakes when they have several withholding to apply to one or more paychecks. The calculator takes away inaccuracies and eliminates costly mistakes.


Aug 29

Internet Laws Around the World

Across the world nobody really has found a sensible way to police or control the internet.  Recently in Malaysia the latest in line of non-sensical laws has caused complaints and protests.  The Law in question is section 114A of the Evidence Act and it basically makes people liable for content published on the internet on or using their internet enabled devices.

So for example if I posted a few hateful or illegal comments on your blog – then you’d be the one who got into trouble.  If I hacked into your computer and used it to upload illegal software – again you’d be responsible.  It would make free speech almost impossible and people would be pretty much too scared to post anything or set up anything online.

There was an official day of protest where thousand blacked out their websites and blogs with black pages criticising the Evidence Act.  The Malaysian Prime Minister has promised to review the proposed changes to the 60 year old law.

There is a huge problem with what’s allowed and what isn’t online.  There are so many grey areas in copyright, censorship and filtering of the internet.  For instance many media companies block access to their content based on their location.  So Pandora only allows you to listen to music in the USA and the BBC and ITV block access outside the UK.  But there are always workarounds for instance this page shows how you can watch UK TV in the USA – click for details. But what’s the legal position, is the  copyright breached because of where you are or can you argue that it immaterial as it’s just online.  Even if a company can clarify the legality, it’s options are often limited by local laws and practices. Although there have been attempts to standardise internet criminal and commercial law – there’s still a huge variation across the world.

Aug 28

Why lawyers love driving Porsches

Although a few lawyers do not love driving because of a number of reasons, majority of them love to do so because they are in touch with the latest technology. The first cars that most lawyers drive do not provide them with the security that they desire and for this reason, they prefer Porsches because they are not only modern but they also provide them with a multitude of options to choose from. Although insurance for Porsches is a big challenge that prevents lawyers from fulfilling their desires, they are a favorite choice for them because they are great looking cars.
Many people prefer cars that do not cost much in terms of maintenance and those with low insurance requirements because their finances cannot allow them to exceed certain expenditure limits and consequently, they usually buy Fiat, Renault, Ford, Vauxhall and Peugeot because they are cheaper as compared to Porsches. Lawyers on the other hand prefer Porsches because they are the best possible cars in the market today. These cars, which offer optimal performance, have the best water levels, adequate water coolant agents, and brake fluids, wheels that have enough air, power steering fluids and brake disk pads. In addition, they are the most reputable and more importantly, they last for very long even without adequate maintenance.

Background article 1:
Background article 2:

Aug 17

Wine Laws, Hypocasy Abounds

Wine laws are among the most hypocritcal around.

Take the republican nominee for President Mitt Romney’s home state of Utah as an example.  Look, I think we all know that Utah is the home of the Mormon church and that the state boasts the highest percentage of Mormon’s of any state in the country.  One of the classic Mormon belief’s is that drinking and doing any type of drug is wrong, including alcohol or caffeine.  I find it interesting though that an online wine club can’t ship into consumer hands in Utah, but coffee and soda are sold at grocery without any type changes in the law.  If both alcohol and caffeine are bad for you, why is one treated so much differently than the other?

Aug 05

House Committee Approved HR 1981

The title refers to yet another new internet snooping and privacy destroying bill.  The idea this time is to make Internet Service Providers to not only keep track of all their subscirbers information but to retain it too.  Just for clarification this means – name, address, phone number, Credit card numbers, bank details and which IP address is assigned to which user.

So what is this snooping bill for apart from spying on every innocent US citizen who uses the internet?  Well it’s designed to ’protect our children from Internet Pornographers’.  It is ironic that the bill makes no distinction between the guilty and innocent – everyone gets spied on.  This information would be made available (well officially) to police and very probably attorneys investigating fraud, civil claims, divorce etc.  Doesn’t really sound like protecting our children does it?

These logs will also have the ability to identity every single digital act enacted by a US citizen online.  That is every email sent, every web site visited or video watched.  The whole country will be spied on under the pretence of catching paedophiles.  Meanwhile of course the guilty will use the various methods and technologies available to prevent this.  They’ll be using all the sorts of technologies displayed on this website about web security – – their data won’t be logged.

It’s the fundamental flaw in all these laws which are introduced eroding our civil liberties in the name of catching more criminals – they just don’t work.  You end up only monitoring the innocent who’s privacy gets eroded a little each time.  You can read more about this bill which is going through Congress now – at this web site – Demand Progress Act.


Aug 01

Find The Best Getaway At Home

The Most Perfect Method to take pleasure in a family trip not having the anxiety and inconvenience of finding travel arrangements and dealing with holiday insurance. Relaxing in your own personal country can help you save a great deal of time and inconvenience.
Regardless of whether you’re seeking tranquility in wonderful area or even pleasurable pursuits for family, every getaway lodge and apartment is developed to develop a home-from-home with all the advantages of a stay at a leading holiday resort. On your front doorstep you’ll discover a full-range of visitor services, a health spa, fitness suite and swimming pool, many different leisure pursuits, and a range of top class dining places.

You will enjoy our luxurious holiday lodge for a few days, a couple of years or possibly a lifetime with this flexible lodge rental and ownership options. With holiday lodges in some of the most gorgeous areas of Scotland & England, you will end up certain to get the best luxury lodge for you to enjoy time and time again.

Using a De Vere luxury lodge or apartment you can explore the local area and sights, appreciate walks and country pursuits, as well as activities that will keep you and the family interested on a rainy day. Find a lifestyle you’ll love– in the ultimate space.

Extravagance lodge experiences are perfect for those who want all the benefits of a luxury hotel break however with the privateness of your own holiday lodge – your personal space. There are numerous ownership and rental choices when it comes to our luxury lodges – whether you are seeking holiday lodges to rent, choices forfractional ownership or seasonal lodge ownership.

Using a massive amount accommodation choices at our luxury lodge resorts, there’s something to match everyone – ranging from holiday lodges in Northumberland, our large and airy one bedroom properties, to great and amazing four bedroom holiday lodges. If you’re seeking a family lodge getaway, ladies spa weekend or corporate golf break, our luxury lodges supply the perfect home from home experience.


Jul 20

Internet Defence League Formed

A new and possibly very important organisation has just launched on the internet.  They are made up from online businesses, political groups and lawyers have joined together to form a group called the Internet Defence League.   They have been inspired by the attempt by big businesses to implement the awful SOPA which would have threatened virtually everything that was good about the net.

Congress backed down on SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) after a huge response online from literally millions of people online.  It was a great example of digital democracy – banding together to block something that would have destroyed internet freedom.  One of the issues that was highlighted is how long it takes to organise an effective protest online.

So someone came up with rather a good idea based on the hit show Batman.  When Gotham city was in trouble, the mayor would ask Batman for help by shining a big Bat signal in the sky.  The Internet Defence League has adapted to produce the Cat Signal.


It is actually a small piece of code that you can install on any web site, forum or blog.  The code can then be activated whenever some threat to the freedom of the internet is created.  So if you see the cat signal on a few web sites you know that likely some piece of terrible legislation is making it’s way through congress or something like that.

It is something that is well needed, there is a growing sense that the internet is being taken over by governments and big business.  I forget how many times I get blocked surfing around the internet – it used to never happen.  I kept getting so fed up with restrictions on web sites based on location I now have a dedicated proxy service to bypass them.  It even helps me watch the BBC abroad check this out –

This digital signal will hopefully not need to be used very often but I suspect we might get used to seeing it.  There are some pretty big websites signing up to this league and incorporating the code.

Jul 19

How music can help lawyers concentrate on their work

Music enables lawyers to think clearly by preventing any disruptions and consequently, it increases their level of concentration significantly. In effect, it enables them to complete their tasks more efficiently by putting them in a trance that makes it possible for them to relax and focus more. However, since music that has heavy vocals or rhythms can cause distractions, it is advisable for lawyers who listen to music while working to opt for quiet, instrumental music in order to achieve their desired results.
Although there are many doubts about the ability of music to make lawyers more productive, there are even more reasons for them to listen to it while working because it plays a vital role in enabling them to change their mood. Lawyers who listen to music at their workplaces become more productive and receptive because they do not notice the music most of the time. Although certain types of music produce better results, the common verdict by researchers is that music increases the productivity of lawyers significantly by enabling them to concentrate and memorize more. To find interesting Bruno Mars music here @
Music reduces the levels of stress hormones significantly especially if it has an upbeat rhythm and hence it is ideal for lawyers and especially those who want to relax more in order to improve their productivity.

Jul 16

Wine Shipping Laws

After Prohibition the United States Federal Government wisely took a step back and allowed the states to create their own alcohol laws.  As you might expect, what has transpired over the past hundred or so years has left the entire system a bit of a mess overall.

From many state’s spitting on the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, to others not allowing any shipment of alcohol at all, to others goal tending for local retailers and wineries the current state of affairs leaves something to be desired.

For the average cheap wine club it makes life difficult, but luckily there are a number of trade groups working to overturn these archaic and unfair laws.